Opalspark Software Ltd

"Websites made simple"

At Opalspark we believe that websites should be simple to use, and pages easy to find.

The purpose of website is to present useful up-to-date information to the end user, whether he has broadband or dialup. The best way of doing this to have a simple and straight forward HMI (Human Machine Interface). We do this by avoiding all gimmicks, which add nothing useful and just slow down any page refresh.

Using PHP and database technology allows us, where necessary, to create fully functional but dynamically controlled web pages. We can create bespoke web based systems, which will save you time and money. Nothing is too complicated. We will however always remember, that the system needs to designed to make your life easier.

The 3 click policy

Our sites are designed so that all pages can reached in no more than 3 clicks. Most pages are reachable in one click from the menu.

How often have you been frustrated by sites full of pages that add nothing, or pages that take an age to download ?

Why not take a look at the simplicity of some of our sites.